Packaged Units - XL13c Air Conditioner

Attractive design
Architecturally integrated design complements the beauty of your home.

Year-round durability
Exclusive components like a Spine Fin™ coil, Weather Beater Top, and the Vortica™ Blower will deliver the sustained performance you expect season after season.

Quiet operation
Ultra quiet operation delivers comfort without disrupting your home environment.

TRANE XL13c specifics
Every Trane Packaged Unit is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The XL13c includes:
* Ultra quiet operation
* Safety cabinet
* Convertible to either horizontal or vertical airflow
* State-of-the-art airflow system featuring the Vortica™ blower for quiet and efficient operation

Backed by Trane's excellent limited warranty
* 10-year Limited Warranty on Compressor.
* 10-year Limited Warranty on Condenser Coil.
* 5-year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts.
* Optional Extended Warranties available. Extended warranties cover labor, refrigerant and other costs not covered by Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, so you are covered for all parts and labor for the lifetime of the warranties.
* Ask your dealer for full warranty information at time of purchase.

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